The movie


Zhili is one of the centres of textile industry and all people around rural areas flock for work. They toil away tirelessly, Live in the squalid conditions , Face the prejudice of their families and have to fight for better pay conditions.

Length: 215 min
Country: Frankrijk, Luxemburg, Nederland
Language spoken: Mandarijn
Language subtitles: Nederlands
Director: Wang Bing
Release date: 2023-11-12


Liming is a worker district close to Shanghai - the richest city in China. Every year, many young people leave their villages and move there. They are between 17 and 20, all from rural Yunnan province, 2,500 km west, where the Yangtze River has its source. These young Yunnaneses often live at their place of work, in dormitories, unsanitary rooms, or sometimes in small studios. Time and space to meet is missing them. So, they communicate through QQ, MSN China. They live as adults but they are teenagers.