Gimme Shelter – Saturday may 25th, 9PM & Sunday june 2nd, 4PM

For two times only: a brand new digitally restored version of the legendary Rolling Stones documentary Gimme Shelter!

Four months after Woodstock, the festival that symbolized the free 60s, The Rolling Stones gave a free concert at the Altamont Free Concert, California. The ingredients of the Stones concert were the same as Woodstock: free access, lots of drugs, spiritual freedom, and everyone is welcome. What was supposed to be the Woodstock of the West resulted in a grim atmosphere, where love gave way to bad trips, fights, and aggression. The beautiful bubble called Woodstock, dancing in the wind as if it would never end, mercilessly burst.

Directors David Maysles and Charlotte Zwerin were present and captured the events on film. The documentary shows the concert, but also the reactions of the band members as they watch the footage of the Altamont concert.

Screening and cocktail

During the screenings of Gimme Shelter, we offer an exclusive Film & Tequila Sunrise Cocktail deal for only €15.50.

The cocktail became a worldwide hit in 1970, the exact same year Gimme Shelter was released.

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