Movies with English subtitles

Hypnosen & The Mother of All Lies

Screening with English subtitles

Are you looking for a night out but find it inconvenient that the subtitles at Cinecitta are always in Dutch? We want to ensure inclusivity, so we’re excited to announce that we will screen one film from our regular program twice a week with English subtitles! Films from different languages across the globe will now be accessible to a wider audience.

May 13th 6.30PM & May 15th 9PM the film with English subtitles will be Hypnosen  Tickets

May 20th 6.30PM & May 22th 9.15PM the film with English subtitles will be The Mother of All Lies  Tickets

About the movie Hypnosen

André and Vera are a young entrepreneurial couple. They get the opportunity to pitch their female health app at a prestigious competition. Before going there, Vera tries hypnotherapy to quit smoking. From this point, her attitude changes and André starts to behave unexpectedly.



About the movie The Mother of All Lies

A little white lie never hurt anyone, but at director Asmae El Moudir’s home, more lies than truths were told. In the lively neighborhood of Casablanca where she grew up, her domineering grandmother ruled the roost: the past was kept secret, and there were no photographs hanging around. In an attempt to unravel this unspoken history, she recreates her neighborhood as a model. Together with family and neighbors, she unorthodoxly reconstructs not only her own painful personal history but also the shared history of Casablanca that has long been hidden.