Movies with English subtitles

only the river flows & The movie teller

Screening with English subtitles

Are you looking for a night out but find it inconvenient that the subtitles at Cinecitta are always in Dutch? We want to ensure inclusivity, so we’re excited to announce that we will screen one film from our regular program twice a week with English subtitles! Films from different languages across the globe will now be accessible to a wider audience.


June 10th 7PM & June 12th 9PM the film with English subtitles will be Only The River Flows Tickets

June 17th 7PM & June 19th 9PM the film with English subtitles will be The Movie Teller Flows Tickets


About the movie Only The River Flows

In 1990s rural China, a woman’s body is found by the river. The chief of police, Ma Zhe, leads an investigation into what appears to be a simple case of murder, but he is not convinced. Against his superior’s orders, he continues to investigate, leading him down a rabbit hole that questions his sense of reality.

Like the best of the noir genre, Only the River Flows is drenched in rain and fog, enhanced by the grainy texture of 16mm film. The murder investigation warps into an investigation of the mind, in which the audience is left to decipher what is real and what is not in an absurd world.


About the movie The Movie Teller

María Margarita is the youngest of four siblings in a family living in a mining town in the Atacama Desert (Chile). The most special time of the week for this family is Sunday, when they all go to the movies to enjoy stories that let them escape their everyday lives by transporting them to other worlds. The girl’s paren

ts soon realise that the little girl has a very special gift: an almost uncanny ability to recount movies. The girl’s extraordinary talent will spread throughout the village, changing the fortunes of her family as the country is transformed forever.

With standout performances from Academy Award® nominee Bérénice Bejo, BAFTA nominee Daniel Brühl, and multiple-time Goya Award winner Antonio de la Torre, The Movie Teller is a celebration of our capacity to defy even the harshest circumstances, to find love, community, inspiration, and hope where there seems to be none. Through the stories we weave, we can elevate our lives with shared human emotion.