Contemporary Film Classics with Introduction – August 2, 13 and 27, 8:15 PM

Cinecitta is celebrating and of course it has to be big!
Cinecitta is celebrating and it promises to be grand! Cinecitta reopened in 2014 after a huge renovation and reconstruction that lasted nearly two years. We want to celebrate this lustrum in August with many events focused on film, food, and experiences. That is why Cinecitta is showing three contemporary classics that have been important to film history. The subtitles and all introductions will be in Dutch.

Due to the celebration month, tickets will be available at half price.

In the past ten years, thousands of films have premiered. Films that our visitors and we ourselves will carry in our heads and hearts forever. In August, Cinecitta will screen three films that have been significant for the theater and contemporary film history. All three films will be introduced by renowned journalists from the Volkskrant and the Filmkrant the introductions will be in Dutch.

La La Land – Friday, August 2nd, 8:15 PM – With an introduction by film programmer Gerlinda Heywegen

Enchanting musical film by director Damien Chazelle (Whiplash) starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling.

In the romantic and colorful La La Land, the moderately successful jazz pianist Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) falls for aspiring actress Mia (Emma Stone). As their careers take off, the couple faces choices that put their love to the test. La La Land is a modern take on the classic Hollywood musical and an ode to dreamers everywhere. In 2017, La La Land garnered a record number of Oscar nominations and won six Oscars.

Introduction by film programmer Gerlinda Heywegen
Prior to the screening, Gerlinda Heywegen will give an introduction using film clips. Gerlinda wrote for Filmkrant and is currently a film program maker for various festivals such as Film by the Sea and the Film & Literature Festival Winternachten.


Birdman – Tuesday, August 13, 8:15 PM – With introduction by Volkskrant journalist Kevin Toma

In the year that Cinecitta reopened, Birdman was shown at Cinecitta. The film later went on to win four Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Director. The film is exceptionally ingeniously shot as one long take where the camera effortlessly glides past, through, and around everything.

Birdman tells the story of actor Riggan Thomson (Michael Keaton). Once world-famous for his role as an iconic superhero, he now struggles with a Broadway play. In the lead-up to the premiere, he battles his ego and tries to get his family, career, and himself back on track. The film is a postmodern, meta-masterpiece about acting, fame, and self-respect with a fantastic score primarily consisting of improvised percussion sounds. Birdman is unpredictable, hallucinatory, and notably funny, especially for director Iñárritu (Babel, Biutiful, The Revenant).

With introduction by Volkskrant journalist Kevin Toma

Prior to the screening, Kevin Toma will give an introduction. Kevin began writing film reviews for the Filmkrant. Since 2007, he has been a film journalist for various publications including the Volkskrant. In addition, he conducts film courses and lectures across the country. At Cinecitta, he has led course series on The Power of Film Music, Film as Philosophy, and Film and Architecture.


Boyhood – Tuesday, August 27th at 8:15 PM – With introduction by Filmkrant journalist Joost Broeren-Huitinga

Boyhood was the very first film shown at the reopening of Cinecitta. Naturally, our visitors and we saw that Boyhood had a unique narrative structure, but we didn’t know at the time that the film would later be nominated for six Oscars that year. We can now proudly say that Boyhood was a wonderful film to mark our reopening at that time.

Boyhood is a unique experience unmatched in film history. Filmed over a period of 12 years with the same actors, Boyhood captures in astonishing detail the youth of Mason. In a touching coming-of-age story, we witness Mason grow up before our eyes from boy to man. We also follow his sister Samantha and their divorced parents. As the years pass by, we see how each of them navigates new phases in their lives and how their relationships evolve. A beautiful and heartwarming tribute to growing up, family life, and the passage of time. An instant classic that leaves no one untouched.

With an introduction by Filmkrant journalist Joost Broeren-Huitinga
Prior to the screening, Joost Broeren-Huitinga will provide an introduction. Joost is the deputy editor-in-chief of Filmkrant and a regular film contributor to Het Parool.