With your contribution, we can continue various initiatives at Cinecitta, such as 013 CIFF, classic films, and various other film specials. Your support is essential to keep showcasing vulnerable quality films, ensuring Tilburg maintains a diverse cinema offering. Additionally, with your help, we can bring (inter)national filmmakers to Tilburg, support local filmmakers through screenings, and contribute to their film productions.

For just €130 per year, you become an exclusive Cinesupporter, supporting the most beautiful film theater with the oldest cinema hall in the Netherlands. Want to join as a couple? Both of you can be members for only €250 per year.


• As a CINESupporter, you’re invited to an annual unique red carpet event at Cinecitta. During this exclusive event, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy a film with an introduction by a special guest, all while indulging in refreshments.

• CINESupporters receive an exclusive newsletter keeping you updated on the developments around our projects. This newsletter also offers you the chance to be the first to purchase tickets for various film specials, such as the 013 Cinecitta International Film Festival.

• Above all, you contribute to the preservation of our monumental building and the rich film culture cherished here for over 100 years.



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