Live Music & Movies: Amy Winehouse | Friday April 19th | 8.30 pm

During Live Music & Movies, singer MIEKS will give a live performance and perform the music of Amy Winehouse. After her performance, the film Back to Black will be screened.

MIEKS is a singer-songwriter from Tilburg. She is energetic, enthusiastic, and authentic. These qualities are not only evident in her music but also in her performance. With her mix of soul and rock, this artist uniquely conveys the obstacles and peaks in life.

Currently, MIEKS is working on her debut EP. Thanks to the bond she has built with Amy’s mother and original band members, she has gained a lot of knowledge and recognition in creating and writing music. Through her friendship with Dale Davis (music director & bassist for Amy Winehouse), she has had the opportunity to share the stage with these legendary musicians.

BACK TO BLACK – MIEKS (cover of Amy Winehouse) (

Screening Back to Black

Back to Black is a tribute to one of the most iconic music stars of the 21st century: Amy Winehouse. The film features many of Amy’s hits and focuses on her extraordinary talent, as well as the humor and honesty with which she infused everything she did.

Back to Black tells the life story of Amy Winehouse, from her upbringing and vibrant years in London to her intense journey to worldwide success, but also shows the darker side of it. Throughout her entire career until her tragic death, the singer struggled with her demons, her fame, and the toxic on-off relationship with her great love.

Back to Black will be shown with Dutch subtitles

The program on Friday, April 19:
8:30 – 8:50 PM Live performance by MIEKS
8:50 – 10:50 pm Screening of Back to Black

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