The movie


The youngest son in a traditional Pakistani family takes a job as a backup dancer in a Bollywood-style burlesque and quickly becomes infatuated with the strong-willed trans woman who runs the show.

Length: 126 min
Country: Pakistan
Language spoken: Urdu
Language subtitles: Nederlands
Cast: Alina Khan, Rasti Farooq, Ali Junejo, Sarwat Gilani
Director: Saim Sadiq
Release date: 2022


As the happily-patriarchal Rana family longs for the birth of a baby boy, the youngest of the Rana men secretly joins an erotic dance theatre and finds himself falling for a fiercely ambitious trans starlet. Their impossible love story slowly illuminates the entire Rana family's desire for a sexual rebellion.


The Guardian
"Subtle trans drama is remarkable debut”