The movie


A surprising and original feel-good film. Abel discovers that his mother wants to marry a delinquent. He doesn't trust him for a penny and keeps a close eye on him together with his girlfriend. Then it turns out that his stepfather can offer them a new perspective

Length: 96 min
Country: France
Language spoken: French
Language subtitles: Dutch
Cast: Louis Garrel, Noémie Merlant, Anouk Grinberg, Roschdy Zem
Director: Louis Garrel
Release date: 2022


‘L'Innocent’ is a surprising and original feel-good film, replete with heartwarming humour, from French actor-director Louis Garrel. The film is a fascinating mix of both a comedic drama and a romantic action film, starring Garrel (‘Le Redoutable’) as Abel and Noémie Merlant (‘Les Olympiades’) as his best friend, Clémence. When Abel discovers that his mother wants to marry an ex-con, it is difficult for Abel to trust this Michel (Roschdy Zem). But his mother's happiness comes first. Together with Clémence, he keeps an eye on things. It then unexpectedly turns out that his new stepfather can offer not only Abel but also Clémence a whole new perspective on life. Abel gets to know a completely different side of himself…

‘Not all of Louis Garrel's films as a director… are complete, and that’s ok. They manage to do something that is not always so easy: they are enjoyable, fun and interesting films. They resemble a kind of popular cinema to discuss human issues, which in one way or another touch us all, to entertain us and at the same time to raise questions, to make us go beyond what we see. Through the stories they tell, they talk about relationships, love, heartbreak, friendship, loss, ideals, pain and the passing of time…’—Julia Olmo, Cineuropa