The movie

Maria Montessori

A Parisian courtesan flees to Rome to protect her reputation when her daughter's learning disability could become exposed. There she meets Maria Montessori, who is pioneering a teaching method that may help the child.

Length: 100 min
Country: Italië
Language spoken: Italiaans
Language subtitles: Nederlands
Cast: Leïla Bekhti, Jasmine Trinca, Emily di Ronza
Director: Léa Todorov
Release date: 2024-05-30


‘‘Maria Montessori,” a film starring Italian actress Jasmine Trinca (“Fortunata”) as the famed Italian physician and educator who invented a teaching method that is still being used in many schools bearing her name all over the world. Trinca stars opposite French actor Leïla Bekhti (“The Restless”), who plays Lili d’Alengy, an emancipated French woman well-known on the Parisian cabaret scene. The two women bonded over their children. Lili d’Alengy struggled to care for her daughter, Tina, who had a disability, and sought help from Maria Montessori, who was just developing a teaching method for children with learning disabilities. Maria, meanwhile, also had a secret — a child born out of wedlock.