The movie

Martin Koolhoven on Easy Rider

Film Classic: Easy Rider

Length: 90 min
Language spoken: Nederlands
Language subtitles: Nederlands
Release date: 17/10/2023


Film Classic: Easy Rider

Multiple Golden Calf-winning director Martin Koolhoven talking about the influence of the counterculture classic Easy Rider on both himself and film history, followed by a screening of a restored version of Dennis Hopper’s history-changing film: what could be cooler (or should we say ‘kooler’?) than that? Easy Rider still has the ability to evoke wistful feelings of a time when things were changing, and the possibilities of increased freedom and opportunity these changes were ringing in. By practically inventing the use of contemporary pop and rock music on the soundtrack, Easy Rider paved the way for many, many others. And who better to talk about this than Martin Koolhoven, a man with celluloid flowing through his veins, according to the magazine HP/De Tijd? Through stories and projected visuals, Koolhoven will engage with the audience and give his unique take on a foundational film of the New Hollywood Cinema. Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper searching for America on their ‘chopped’ Harley-Davidson motorcycles, Jack Nicholson, in the role that made him famous, as their whiskey-chugging, ill-fated lawyer—and Martin Koolhoven providing his unique perspective on the film’s place in our collective unconscious. What’s not to like? Buy your tickets early or risk missing out on a very special evening.