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Nuclear Now

Oliver Stone’s Documentary Makes a Powerful Case for Nuclear Power
In a vital and grounded movie that demands to be seen, Stone argues that the perceived dangers of nuclear energy are dwarfed by the impending catastrophe of climate change.

Length: 105 min
Country: United States
Language spoken: English
Language subtitles: Dutch
Cast: Oliver Stone
Director: Oliver Stone
Release date: 23/03/2024


In “Nuclear Now,” his intensely compelling, must-see documentary, Oliver Stone makes the vital and historical case that nuclear power has been the victim of a perception/reality conundrum, one that is now in the process of being overturned. The perception is that nuclear power is dangerous: too dangerous to be an essential component of providing our energy needs. The reality, argues Stone, is that nuclear power is clean, abundant, and safe, and that the ominous fact of our energy crisis — the looming catastrophe of climate change, the hopeful but stubbornly incremental growth of renewables like wind and solar — is too urgent for nuclear power not to be an essential component of providing our energy needs.

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