The movie

Paradise Drifters

A road movie about three young people running out of options. In addition to their distrust for each other, they have one more thing in common: hope!

Length: 85 min
Country: Netherlands
Language spoken: Dutch
Language subtitles: No subtitles
Cast: Jonas Smulders, Tamar van Waning, Bilal El Mehdi Wahib
Director: Mees Peijnenburg
Release date: 2020


Three homeless youths link up for a character-revealing road trip in Mees Peijnenburg raw and hopeful debut feature. Lorenzo (Jonas Smulders), in thrall to an imprisoned older brother, agrees to deliver “something” to Marseille in order to make some money. Along the way, he comes across the fiery Chloe (Tamar van Waning) and the rather helpless Yousef (Bilal El Mehdi Wahib), and the three of them unexpectedly find confidence and security together during the voyage, something they've been looking for all their lives…

‘A soulful debut feature [from writer-director Mees Peijnenburg]… distinguished by the vibrant cinematography of Jasper ("Monos") Wolf and expressive performances from a cast led by notable newcomer Tamar van Waning… There is a dynamic energy to Peijnenburg’s storytelling as he occasionally fractures the timeline and lets the story fold back on itself to reveal some hidden truth… The plight of homeless young adults sounds like the stuff of grim social realism but "Paradise Drifters" is distinguished by its sense of hope… A thoroughly involving story.’—Allan Hunter, Screen