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Length: 90 min
Language spoken: Nederlands
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Release date: 2024



This year's public discussion TIAFF FRAMED focuses on the floor plan. We explore the diversity as well as the standardization of the floor plan in light of the industrialization of construction and the need for fast and affordable construction. Chaired by Floris Alkemade, architects Henk Stadens and Lisa van der Slot (De Zwarte Hond), multimedia video artist Mirte van Duppen and Sam van Zoest, filmmaker and resident of the De Warren housing cooperative, will enter into a dialogue in search of solutions; for the increasing number of elderly people living independently, the growing number of small households, and the growing diversity of forms of living together.

Introducing the speakers:

Floris Alkemade (Moderator):
Floris Alkemade is an architect, urban designer, and served as the State Architect (Rijksbouwmeester) from 2015 to 2021. Formerly a partner at OMA, since 2008, he leads his own firm FAA. His projects and studies span the globe, covering both architectural and urban planning scales. Floris Alkemade is the chairman of TIAFF since this edition, and as the moderator, he guides the conversation on the home floor plan during TIAFF FRAMED.

Henk Stadens:
Architect Henk Stadens is a partner at De Zwarte Hond. His projects range from large-scale assignments for theaters and town halls to private vacation villas. He also taught at the Maastricht Academy of Architecture. Together with Lisa van der Slot, he published Out There #4 Home floor plans: a plea to make the home floor plan an integral part of the design task.

Lisa van der Slot:
Lisa van der Slot is an architect, urban planner, and partner at De Zwarte Hond. Her focus lies in projects related to housing, transformation, and mixed urban programs. Alongside Henk Stadens, she published Out There #4 Home floor plans: a plea to make the home floor plan an integral part of the design task.

Mirte van Duppen:
Mirte van Duppen is a multimedia video artist with a graphic background. In her films, she documents and analyzes the structures, functions, and transformations of (urban) landscapes and the interaction of humans with their environment. For her current project Flexscapes, she analyzes current developments in flexible housing.

Sam van Zoest:
Sam van Zoest is a Dutch writer and filmmaker, working on documentary and VR films, AV installations, and interactives. His focus is on visualizing the human aspect of themes such as climate change, healthcare, and the migrant crisis. He is a resident of the self-built.

Wooncoƶperatie De Warren and created the film Samenwonen: het verhaal van De Warren, which screens on Saturday afternoon.

Entrance to TIAFF FRAMED is free of charge.