The movie

Upon Entry

“Upon Entry,” a gripping psychological thriller tackling an immigration story by The movie marks the feature debut of Alejandro Rojas and Juan Sebastián Vásquez and is based on their personal experiences as emigrants.

Length: 77 min
Country: Spanje
Language spoken: Spaans
Language subtitles: Nederlands
Cast: Alberto Ammann, Bruna Cusí, Laura Gómez, Ben Temple
Director: Alejandro Rojas Juan Sebastián Vásquez
Release date: 2023-09-21


Diego, a Venezuelan urbanist, and Elena, a contemporary dancer from Barcelona, move to the United States with their approved visas to start a new life. Their intention is to boost their professional careers and start a family in 'the land of opportunities'. But upon entering New York airport's immigration area, they are taken to the secondary inspection room, where border officers will subject them to an unpleasant inspection process and a psychologically grueling interrogation. During the following few hours, the fate of Elena, Diego and their dreams is placed under question as the official who interviews them reveals secrets they have not yet shared with each other or disclosed in the previous application process, endangering the whole process and their mutual trust.