Expat Cinema

Once every two months, International Center Tilburg and Cinecitta organize Expat Cinema.
Thé film evening for internationals in Tilburg!

On April 15 we present the film Olga (with English subtitles). The event starts at 8 pm and will end around 11-12 pm.


Everyone knows about the war in Ukraine. Much has been written and said about it. Before the film screening, we give the stage to a few speakers who will shed light on this topic. Proceeds from this event will be donated to humanitarian aid in Ukraine (Save Life in UA).

First, we invite Polina and Lana to take the stage. They are two of the five Ukrainian students who managed to set up a successful fundraising campaign for emergency supplies. It delivered a total of 81 pallets of supplies, which came down to three trucks. First aid kits, personal care equipment, medicines, flashlights and batteries were collected. Come listen to their personal story!

Second, we will connect with dr. Hans Siebers (Tilburg University) through a Zoom connection. He wrote an interesting article in the Volkskrant newspaper about the war in Ukraine and the response from Europe. It raises many questions: “Why do Europeans receive Ukrainian refugees more generously than refugees from Syria, Iraq or Sudan?” Siebers advocates open borders and a free migration policy. There will be an opportunity to ask questions after the lecture.

The film: Olga

The 15-year-old Olga is one of the best Ukrainian gymnasts of the moment and a champion in the making. She can think of nothing but training for the European Championship that is getting closer and closer. But when her mother’s journalistic work begins to endanger their lives, Olga is sent to a host family in Switzerland for her own safety. With a good dose of dedication, magnesium and tightly taped wrists, Olga throws herself into her gymnastics routine to secure a coveted spot in the Swiss team.

When the Euromaiden protests erupt in Kyiv – with her mother and best friend on the front lines – Olga is torn between her sporting ambitions and the love for her native country. Olga is a moving story about physically strong yet mentally vulnerable young gymnasts, set against the political backdrop of the Ukrainian revolution in 2013. Debut director Elie Grappe worked for Olga with real gymnasts. None of them had acted before. Olga premiered at the Cannes Film Festival and is the Swiss Oscar entry.

“Olga is, in her troubled way, emblematic of Ukraine’s yearning for a new European identity, a peaceful and prosperous modernity and a (very Swiss) neutrality, in which its independence can be cocooned. In its unexpected way, this film speaks to the new agony of banishment now being felt by millions of Ukrainians, and to the profound unease and concern and impotence spreading westward across Europe.”
★★★★ – The Guardian

Performance by Ukrainian pianist Diana Pivak

After the film, we will stretch our legs and join the beautiful seating area at Cinecitta. Ukrainian pianist Diana Pivak will give a short performance for us. Afterwards there is the possibily to stay and talk.

About International Center Tilburg

Curious what International Center does? Especially for Cinecitta, this organization provides side programming for international-friendly film screenings in the form of live music, lectures, drinks and more. They have set the goal of making film and leisure activities more accessible to internationals. In addition to film screenings, International Center also organizes comedy evenings. Feel welcome to join!

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