Paloma Lázaro Arteaga Visual Album premiere | Friday 26th of May | 20.30 PM

RITUAL is an ode to the ancestors, to the primitive, to nature, to all that we seem to have forgotten, but that is deeply rooted in our identity, It’s an invitation to believe again in the power of music, of creativity, vulnerability and beauty.
A journey to that place where there is only here and now, where magic can be touched and our soul transformed.

In her Debut Album RITUAL Paloma collaborates with Joost Lijbaart (drums&percussion) Sjoerd van Eijck(piano) and Johannes Fend(Double bass) to bring her compositions to life.
The videos are directed by Paloma, and she collaborates with Circus artists and visual artists to make a visual experience of the RITUAL. They were filmed in Spain,France and The Netherlands.
It all turns around a bridge and crossing it as a representation of the RITUAL and it’s transformation. The music was released in March with SONNA Records and now you can experience the Visual journey of RITUAL and immerse yourself in the story in a really special evening at Cinecitta.(Tilburg) Come and live the RITUAL.

About Paloma

Paloma is a singer, composer and interdisciplinary artist from Spain. She is really active in the Dutch artistic scene, performing in festivals such us November Music, Sound of Europe or Grachtenfestival and collaborating with circus performers, visual artists and musicians such as Sanne Rambags or Joost Lijbaart. She has developed a unique sound and performance blending her Spanish roots and her jazz and classical skills together with her own poetry, visuals and physical expression.

Come as the nature element(Fire, Earth, Air, Water) you identify the most with or do a combination of the ones that represent you.

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