De film

20.000 Especies de Abejas (English Subtitles)

During a summer in a village house linked to beekeeping, an eight-year-old and her mother experience revelations that will change their lives forever.

Tijd: 129 min
Land: Spain
Taal: Spanish, Basque, French
Ondertiteling: English
Cast: Sofía Otero, Patricia López Arnaiz
Regisseur: Estibaliz Urresola Solaguren
Releasedatum: 18/01/2024


This delicate and warm film is about gender dysphoria felt and expressed at quite a young age by an eight-year-old child, who is going on a family vacation to visit grandmother and great-aunt. We, as well as the child's mother and other family members, are gradually exposed to these very clear dysphoria expressions and the family's reaction to them.