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El Paraiso (English Subtitles)

A mother-son love story, a vivid tragedy that immerses its heroes in the ever-shifting shades of their deepest states of mind.

Tijd: 106 min
Land: Italy
Taal: Italian, Spanish
Ondertiteling: English
Cast: Edoardo Pesce, Margarita Rosa de Francisco, Maria del Rosario, Matea Milinkovic
Regisseur: Enrico Maria Artale
Release Date: 2023


Julio Cesar is almost forty years old and still lives with his mother, a Colombian woman with a compelling personality. The pair of them share practically everything: a little house on the river filled with memories, the small amount of money earned working for a local drug dealer, a passion for evenings of salsa and merengue. An existence on the margins lived with love, at once symbiotic and oppressive, whose precarious equilibrium risks being undermined with the arrival of Ines, a young Colombian who has just made her first journey as a cocaine “mule.” Between desire and jealousy the situation rapidly gets out of hand, to the point where Julio will find himself taking drastic measures, on a painful journey that will take him for the first time to the land of his origins.


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