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L’amour et les forêts (ENGLISH SUBTITLES)

Blanche Renard meets Greg Lamoureux and believes he is the one. However, she soon finds herself caught up in a toxic relationship with a possessive and dangerous man.

Tijd: 105 min
Land: Frankrijk
Taal: Frans
Ondertiteling: Nederlands
Cast: Virginie Efira, Arthur Thunin, Melvil Poupaud, Dominique Reymond, Zoé Lenoir
Regisseur: Valérie Donzelli
Releasedatum: 27/06/2024


When Blanche meets Gregoire, she thinks she has found the one. The ties that bind them grow quickly, and a passionate affair ensues. Together, they relocate. For Blanche, far from her family, from her twin sister, Rose, a new life begins. But little by little she finds herself caught in the grip of a deeply possessive and dangerous man.