De film

Eng Letzter Abend

A group of friends getting together for one couple's farewell party while eyeing each other's achievements.
The film was shot with no budget in 7 days in an empty apartment.

Tijd: 91 min
Land: Duitsland
Taal: Duits
Ondertiteling: Nederlands
Cast: Sebastian Jakob Doppelbauer, Pauline Werner, Nikolai Gemel, Susanne Dorothea Schneider, Isabelle von Stauffenberg, Valentin Richter
Regisseur: Lukas Nathrath
Releasedatum: 05/10/2023


Clemens and Lisa are a young couple who, in the middle of the lockdown period, are moving from Hannover to Berlin, where Lisa has found a new job as a doctor. The move also offers a second chance to their relationship, which has suffered greatly from Clemens' depression. Before they leave, they want to give a farewell dinner for their friends in their now almost empty apartment. But some cancel at the last minute and others who do come bring their own problems. As the alcohol flows and unexpected guests further unbalance the situation, old wounds are opened and long-cherished secrets come to light.

Letzter Abend was shot in just a week, during which the director developed the characters together with his actors. The dialogues were created through improvisations during rehearsals. Low budget filmmaking at its best.