Screening with English subtitles

Are you looking for a night out but find it inconvenient that the subtitles at Cinecitta are always in Dutch? We want to ensure inclusivity, so we’re excited to announce that we will screen one film from our regular program twice a week with English subtitles! Films from different languages across the globe will now be accessible to a wider audience.

Februari 29th, 7.00 PM & March 5th 9 PM the film with English subtitles will be Navalny Tickets


About the movie Navalny

The story surrounding Navalny is more urgent than ever. First, there was the question: where is the body of Alexei Navalny? Then: when will it be released? And now: where and when will he be buried? In the past few days, a battle has unfolded between the relatives and the Russian authorities to get him back.

This chilling documentary follows Alexei Navalny in the aftermath of his poisoning in August 2020. A stunning and captivating must-see documentary about the Russian opposition leader. Who poisoned the Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, and how? These questions form the core of this documentary, which has won several awards.